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Tinkering... Mostly you will find here: items made out of some once-old thing that was transformed with lots of care into this unique one-of-a-kind piece of functional artwork ~ using paper, scissors, glue and a lot of varnish! Each is an original so you will find no other exactly like it... Enjoy!

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DECOUPAGE is a really old art form that has been around for ions. The Russians did it, the French did it, the Japanese & Italians too. Think Marie Antionette and those fabulous french screens, or Russian fairytale lacquered boxes (which originated in Japan).


ala Modern Art ~ with a Twist!

Handmade altered items are mostly started with
something used, maybe something old - and then magically (manually)



into what you see here.

Artist level glues, paints and varnishes are used, as well as found paper images from all over the place, including art books, scraps, scans, posters, and some of my own creations. Glitters, sequins & other objects too. Always signed and varnished ~ with several coats of acrylic and polyeurathane varnish - that should offer years of protections.

Care of decoupage is easy. Just treat it as you would a fine piece of wood stained furniture. Use coasters, wipe up spills quickly and try not to scratch with sharp items. Can be gently cleaned with a damp cloth, and sometimes a tad of windex works well too. Just don't soak or emerse.
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My #1 Rule:
I don't sell anything I wouldn't love to keep.

(If Only I had the space...)

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About me...

Well, I started out ironing crayons in kindergarden... ,and many years later discoveredI Ebay!

On a personal note, I am a full-time (tinkering) decoupage artist. My mother past away from cancer about 4 years ago... for the whole year, I had slowly/eventually left my job at a non-profit to take care of her, along with my brother and sister. Anyhow, long story short, I just couldn't bear to go "back to the office" so channeled my energy and the spirit from my new guardian angel (mom) into doing what I love best. Still hoping to become involved in more charity activities too however, and Ebay seems to have a lot to offer in that area as well... ,What I tinker with - Furniture, jewelry, paintings, desserts, whatever is new to me that week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. () On those days I just sell other stuff.

Other parts of my time are spent sprucing up and adding to my space in a local art/antique collective; taking my border collie to agility classes; completing whatever graphic design jobs come my way; and occasionally sqeezing in a karioke song somewhere.

Biggest guilt-trip is dropping my dog off at doggie daycare, and then getting my kitty cat high on catnip and locking him in the "other room" so I can Paint or "Decoupage" whatever I can find. *Visit my newly REVAMPED Website AT www.tinkercreations.com (or see the "faux abalone spot-light table in a South Carolina art gallary (Christopher Parks Gallery - clear over on the opposite coast as me) at www.chickenmanart.com

Thanks for stopping by.

More handpainted; decoupaged Coconut Bras


Tata, ~ "Tink"

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