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Sherisse had a secret admirer who sent her flowers once a month, always on the 2nd Sunday - and always the same big magenta flowers. She never knew what they were called. One day the admirer made himself known, and low and behold, it was her best friend who she secretly cherished and admired already. They got married and lived happily ever after. Shortly after she found out who, she asked him "why the magenta flowers?" He said it was because one day he saw her in this dress and thought this must be her favorite flower, because in it, she blossomed.

The Dress
Circa: 1990's

LIttle vintage dress spiffed up ever so subtley by me with a little ruffle at the hem... the fabric falls a little "stiff" but the FABULOUS flowers and look and feel all make up for it, (believe me!) but if you are a perfectionist and that kind of thing bothers you, this is not the dress for you. and I say that in the loosest way. (Please review photos as part of the description.)

(Taken Flat)


17" (34")


15-17" (30-34")


16 1/2-20” (33-40")

Hips (below drop waist):

to 25" (50")

Length (from under arm):


Straps (adjustible to):



"Gypsybelles / DIY ooak vintage"

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