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Nikki was a healthy rosy-faced girl of a woman. Like many girls, she was always concerned about her weight, and tried every diet in the book. Finally she lost all of the weight she imagined she wanted to and then some. She got compliments and fit in all the clothing she loved. Then, one day, she realized she wasn't happy. Also her boyfriend wasn't happy. She asked him why? I miss the "old you" he said. So did she. Slowly she let go of her stringent ways and put on exactly half the weight she had lost. Not only that but she realized she already looked amazing in literally everything anyways. And this gorgeously standout prairie skirt was no different.

The Skirt:
Circa: 1990's

Vintage 1990's prairie revival by Marrika Nakk - the most amazing soft curtain-like gold brocade prairie skirt to die for! I have loved this a long time and you will too... wide elastic waist band - to _____SIZE HERE____ could use a little revamping (as the elastic is very stretched out -not by me!) but I will leave that up to you, depending on the fit you might like it just as it is. One of my view pieces this will be very hard to part with, but up for the offering! (Please review photos as part of the description.)

(Taken Flat)


17-20” (34-40")


23” (46”)/FONT>

Length (tiered):


Ruffles (4 layers):

6" ea


“Marrika Nakk”

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